City: Puchong
Federal State: Selangor

The Support Network for Women Renunciants in Malaysia and Singapore has been established to help improve the conditions for Theravada nuns residing in these countries (regardless of nationality).

The Network has been established by monastics and lay devotees working together with the intention of bringing women renunciants and their lay supporters into closer contact, so that their monastic lives can be adequately sustained.

The Network also intends to do educational work amongst the local populations to improve their understanding of the history of women renunciants, and their vital role in the life of the Dispensation (Sasana) of the Buddha.

City: Fang
Federal State: Chiang Mai

The temple is under the guidance of Abbot - Dr. Apisit Pingchaiyawat.
Foreigners can stay at the temple, on a donation only basis,and experience temple life, hear the Dhamma from a monk and learn Vipassana Meditation.

City: Fang
Federal State: Chang Wat Chiang Mai

The meditation centre at the 13th Buddhist Community Development Centre (BCDC) at Wat Sriboonruang is a place for the practice of vipassana meditation in the Theravada Buddhist tradition, led by Venerable Clyde Jarudhammo.

City: Tambon Klongtan
Federal State: Samut Sakhon

Samathihammaram Centre (บ้านปฏิบัติธรรมสมาธิธรรมาราม) is one of the 3 temples run by Ubasika Methika(อุบๅสิกๅ เมทิกๅ เดชะบุญญรัตน้) (also known as Khun Mae). Khun Mae wanted to establish a place that is convenient especially for people to come to meditate and practice self cultivation in line with the Buddha’s teachings.

City: Phai Khwang
Federal State: Chang Wat Suphan Buri

Insight Meditation Practicing Clear Comprehension in accordance with the Mahasatipatthana Sutta
By Ven. Phra Acharn Dhammadharo Bhikkhu

It was established by Ven.Phra Acharn Dhammadharo Bhikkhu, situated in a peaceful and comfortable place, in the area of 80 rai ( 32 acres ).
Every year, people from many parts of Thailand come to attend the insight meditation trainning course, assisted by senior monks. Most people are monks, novices, nuns, laypeople; groups of teachers and students, people from different departments.


Thaniyo Thera from South Africa and Nyanamoli Thera from Serbia, both of whom have received higher ordination, have built kutis (small monastic huts) for their simple harmonious living. Fully ordained in the forest tradition of Ajahn Chah, the two monks trained for years—Ajahn Nyanamoli in the UK and Thailand, and Ven. Thaniyo in the UK—before coming to Sri Lanka.Although deep in the forest, the monks continue to maintain one of the core duties of a monastic: once in a while, they teach the Dhamma, either via correspondence or in person, or by recording Q&A sessions.

The retreat, dubbed “Hillside Hermitage,” is located in the Knuckles Mountain Range, a three-hour drive from the city of Kandy.