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- The study of Pāli roots;
- Comparison between Pāḷi and Sanskrit;
- The analytical study of some Pāḷi words;
- Sandhi Kappa of Saddanīti--Pāli text;

and more.


Explorations of the key Pāli terms.


Abhidhamma tutorials, Pāli tutorials.

The Pali Primer is a publication of the Vipassana Research Institute. It aims to provide an elementary understanding of the Pali language.

See also Pali Primer video lessons by Bhante Suddhāso:

Another edition:

Answer key:

Memory cards:


Online Pāli language courses offered free of charge:

- Introduction to Pāli;

- Exploring the Path - Pāli course.



This blog is aimed at those wishing to learn to translate the Buddhist Pali scriptures for themselves. Its a novice students attempt to bridge the gap between the intro primers and AK Warder.

Notes from Buddhist and Pali University of Sri Lanka.

Second year:

Third year:

University website:

Reference materials on verb conjugations, noun declensions, etc.

From the Arrow River center in Canada, some flash-card like drills on nouns and verbs in Pali.

A very handy table which allows to quickly look up the grammatical forms by their suffixes.