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This website includes writings & talks & essays by Dhammarakkhita Bhikkhu (Mahaviveka).

Sangham Dhamma-Vinaya Forum is a try to erect a virtual Vihara (a monastery which is usable to set out Vinaya procedures) and should be offered to the monastic Sangha later on.

It's an independent laity project and exclusively supported by direct involved voluntary working people. 

Next to this maybe particular intention this board should be an unforced place to discover Buddha, Dhamma, Sangha and a place to practice, exchange knowledge and experience as well as to study the teachings. After all the main focus is lesser to create something special outwardly but to support each other in regard of the training.

It is now running as an experimental building side and will be moved to its mother site later on.

Please in no way hesitate to participate, criticise and contribute your ideas!

You are the one who makes it moving on or not.

Thanks to all who had supported it till here and which is also done with your interest and time you spent her to read. Thanks.

metta & mudita

Blog of Ajahn Sucitto, abbot of Cittaviveka monastery (UK).

Blog about Buddhist philosophy and other random things by Ajahn Punnadhammo, abbot of the Arrow River Forest Hermitage, Canada.

One being's journey through Samsara.

This site by Bhikkhu Cintita Dinsmore is set up as a container for various writings centered around the project of a developing the bases of a vibrant  Buddhist thought and practice to benefit American needs.

Blog mostly focused on the Pali suttas and meditation practice.

This site, the homepage of Cittasanto, is dedicated to developing a full understanding of the dhamma-vinay? (Truth & Discipline) in a practical way through sharing reflections, translations, studies and practices on different aspects of the path leading to the end of suffering, sometimes based on other traditions practices, sometimes interpretations of Buddhist practice, so comments & feedback are always welcome.

Richard Harrold's blog.

Buddhist-related thoughts of Jason.

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