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Dhamma-Vinaya Paṭipadā features the activities of Bhante Joe and the monastics he encounters on his travels.


Blog on Burmese Buddhism.

New Mexico

Stories, Teachings and Reflections on Buddhist Practice.

Travel Guide to the Buddha's Path - free eBook.

Trusting In Buddha is the blog of a British lay practitioner and enthusiastic photographer.


Sutta studies by Alexander Duncan.


The Buddha’s ethical trainings for laypeople have the power to bring about profound transformations. At present these teachings are available, but not readily accessible. To comprehend the words of the Buddha requires a broader context than our consumer culture provides.
There are scores of highly qualified meditation teachers, and many, many books about the various techniques. But there is very little written about the behavioral trainings the Buddha encouraged, and hardly anything directed at 21st century, “first-world” readers. So – here it is.

The posts in this blog are written from a Theravadin buddhist perspective, in the lineage of Ajahn Chah.

Chiang Mai

Blog of Ven. Phalañānī.

Dhamma Blog by Bhante Sopāka.

Theravada practice blog, in the lineage of Ven. Bhikkhu Katukurunde Nyanananda and Ven. Bhikkhu Sri Matara Nyanarama Mahathera.