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The College is dedicated to study and research in the field of religious studies and fosters mutual understanding, cooperation, and respect among people of different religious traditions both in Thailand and throughout the world.

The College offers both undergraduate and graduate programs. The undergraduate program is a bilingual using both the Thai and English languages. The international MA and PhD programs are conducted in English.

Los Angeles

UCLA currently houses one of the top three programs in Buddhist Studies in the United States, both in terms of faculty quality and size and in breadth of coverage.


Based at the University of Sunderland, it aims to act as a focus for Buddhist Studies in the UK, and is open to academics, post-graduates, and unaffiliated Buddhist scholars or interested Buddhist practitioners.

The Centre of Buddhist Studies was established in September 2000. It is the first academic centre to focus on Buddhist Studies at the University of Hong Kong and at other local universities.


The International Buddhist College initially offers a first degree program awarding B.A. in Religious Studies and B.A. in Liberal Arts degree as follow:

1. Bachelor of Arts (Buddhist Philosophy)

2. Bachelor of Arts (Buddhist Historical and Cultural Studies)

3. Bachelor of Arts (Pali and Sanskrit Languages and Literature)

In the future, IBC will also offer Postgraduate degree courses in Buddhist Studies, such as M.A., Ph.D degree research programs and also secular courses.


The Centre for Buddhist Studies at the University of Bristol was created in 1993 within the Department of Theology and Religious Studies (above). It is the only Centre for Buddhist Studies in the UK, and as well as the usual undergraduate and research degrees offers the only taught MA in Buddhist Studies in the UK.


The World Buddhist University (WBU) was established in B.E. 2541 (1998) by a resolution of the World Fellowship of Buddhists. It has, in its organization and administrative structure, four institutes consisted of :
- The Institute of Research and Development;
- The Institute of Training and Curriculum Development;
- The Institute of Spiritual Practice and
- The Institute of Educational System Based on Buddhism;
- The Information and Cultural Exchange Centre.


Presents a selection of

- Undergraduate Programmes;

- Postgraduate Programmes;

- Special Courses Offered to Foreign Students.


The Sharpham Centre for Contemporary Buddhist Enquiry offers a broad education in traditional Buddhist values critically applied to contemporary needs. The nature of this education is meditative, transformative and creative. The curriculum is designed to nurture a wiser and more compassionate orientation to daily life. It aims to enhance confidence and conviction in one's basic values, stimulate a renewal of personal and social vision, and cultivate a deeper sense of connectedness with, and responsibility for, others.

Redwood City

Sati Center for Buddhist Studies supports the study of Buddhist teachings. Our perspective balances scholarly inquiry with serious meditation practice. Our goal is to help participants explore original Buddhist texts and appreciate the richness of the tradition and lineage. We want to facilitate ongoing dialog and exchange among meditators, teachers, students and scholars. Classes -- held at various venues in the San Francisco area -- are small to encourage personal contact and discussion. Our perspective is primarily Theravadin, but not exclusively so.