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"An Annotated Bibliography on its Historical Development and Contemporary State of Affairs" by Martin Baumann.

The International Association of Buddhist Studies (IABS) is a learned society dedicated to promoting and suppporting scholarship in Buddhist Studies in a spirit of non-sectarian tolerance and with scientific research and communication as preeminent objectives.

Directory of Online Buddhism Resources. Sections include: digital publications, general resources, Zen Buddhism, Buddhist art, women & Buddhism, Buddhism in America, Sanskrit studies, Buddhist organizations.

A good German site for (mostly) Theravadin resources. The focus is scholarly rather than practical, but the authors whose essays and lectures are published there are among the most respected of German buddhologists.

The Journal of Global Buddhism has been established to promote the study of Buddhism's globalization and its transcontinental interrelatedness. This aim shall be achieved through the publication of research articles, discussions, critical notes, bulletins, and reviews; additionally, the journal will function as an independent research tool itself, emphasizing surveys, the creation of databases, empirical investigations, and through the presentation of ongoing research projects.

The Journal of Buddhist Ethics is the first academic journal dedicated entirely to Buddhist ethics. We promote the study of Buddhist ethics through the publication of research and book reviews and by hosting occasional online conferences.

From the point of view of reasonable probability the evidence seems to favour some kind of median chronology and we should no doubt speak of a date for the Buddha's Mahaparinibbana of c.400 B.C.

An extensive collection of Buddhist research articles in leading journals, at the website of National Taiwan University.


Sri Lanka International Buddhist Academy (SIBA) is a unique liberal arts higher educational institution set up within a monastic and eco-friendly environment. It is both national and international in scope, grounded on Buddhist principles and, designed to produce local, national, and international religious, social, and political leaders who are simultaneously Dhamma practitioners and disseminators.