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Book by T. W. Rhys Davids.

Compiled by Patrick S. O'Donnell (Adjunct Instructor, Dept. of Philosophy, Santa Barbara City College 2003).
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2. The Theravada Tradition;
3. The Mahayana Tradition;
4. Ch'an/Zen Buddhism;
5. Tibetan Buddhism;
6. Buddhism in Asia;
7. Buddhism outside Asia;
8. Social & Political Topics;
9. Buddhism and the Arts;
10. Autobiographies, Dictionaries.

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An article by David McMahan.

The doctrinal differences between the sutras of the Pali canon and the Mahayana sutras composed in South Asia have been widely commented on and debated by scholars, but seldom has attention been given to what the strikingly contrasting literary styles of the Pali and Mahayana sutras themselves might reveal about Buddhism in South Asia.

Article by T. W. Rhys Davids on the early Buddhist schools.

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A bibliography of the Sri Lankan form of Theravada, from the Journal of Buddhist Ethics.

A scholastic article by Rhys Davids, published in The Buddhist Review 1:1 1909. It examines various acpects of Buddhism with the dispassionate eye of Science, and compares that with Christianity and other ancient beliefs.

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