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Cetovimutti Sangha

Hemmerleinstr. 2
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In April 2018 the non-profit organization (Verein) cetovimutti sangha e.V. has been found to support the Dhamma activities of Christina Garbe. The purpose of this organization is to create conditions that people can listen to the dhamma, can practice according to the teachings and can support each other to walk on this path together.

The purpose of the project 'cetovimutti' is to anchor the authentic teachings of the Buddha in the West. This means that we must know well the Pāli Canon, the original teachings of the Buddha and practice accordingly. Only then we can achieve the goal of the Dhamma, the liberation of mind by wisdom. The Buddha taught only one goal and that is Nibbāna, the end of craving, aversion and delusion, because craving, aversion and delusion lead to suffering. The Buddha's teachings show a path to the final overcoming of any suffering.


Located in: Germany